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I have great luck with what I call the critter theory. If you build the eco-system from the sand up with as much bio-diversity as you can you find that the system gets a lot more stability. Bugs, worms, and little critters can really be a great step in this eco-chain. I have used every kind of little bug I can find and they really help to keep a deep sand bed clean and non-compacted.

I recommend That all reef tank owners read the following pages, then shop below.

bullet Polychaete (aka "bristleworm") FAQ For Reefkeepers Rob Toonen
bullet Worms, worms, more worms.   Ron Shimek
bullet Amphipods  Ron Shimek
Aquacon Clean up crew
Worms, The good kind. Great sand bed cleaners.
They are also a great source for Macro-Algae and Sea Grass
Dr. Race Foster, DVM & Dr. Marty Smith, DVM Clean up crew Clean up crew
GEOTHERMAL AQUACULTURE RESEARCH   This is a large saltwater reef sites. More information than you could read in a year.  They also sell captive bred coral  that are very strong and Detritivores.  
Flying Fish Express Good Clean up crew prices
logo_sm.gif (5156 bytes)Inland Aquatics This is a great source for coral and critters.
They have great Detritivore Kits and captive bred coral.
Indo-Pacific Sea Farms/ This is a great place to get the critters you need to jump start your reef tank.
Marine Depot Live clean-up crew
Reed Mariculture
Marine Larviculture Feeds and Products
these people are the supply source if you want to breed Rotifers, Copepods, Mysid Shrimp
Reeftopia Clean-up Crew Great clean-up crew packages
seven seas online clean-up crew
Click To Visit ThePetsTop.comThe Pet stop Great source for live Snails and Crabs

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